Sensor Automatic Taps for Domestic Applications

sensor taps for kitchen

Autotaps is proud to introduce a brand new affordable, reliable and hygienic infrared electronic tap designs for domestic applications. We always ensure that we capture today’s design styles and trends, Autotaps AMA Series sensor taps possesses ‘low arc’ and ‘high arc’, swivel-neck construction styles that gives our automatic taps a smooth, updated look to any style of sink. Please make sure to check the dimension of our taps carefully against the size/dimension of your sink to make sure that both will be compatible.

Autotaps Limited have designed and manufactured commercial solid brass taps, and we are today’s industry exclusive source for electronic taps, plumbing fixtures and accessories. We aim to supply more products particularly aimed at domestic applications.

10 Reasons Why Automatic Sensor tap is better

  • Wastes less water : Water conservation of up to 70%.
  • Easy to use, easier to install.
  • Affordable (Entry-level sensor taps costs no more than 30% of normal taps).
  • Hygienic Solution.
  • Save money on water bills and energy consumption.
  • Advance infrared sensor technology.
  • Solid-brass outer shell construction.
  • 3-Years Guarantee.
  • Versatile and solid-built designs.
  • Unlimited Technical Support.