RAB-103 Automatic Toilet Bidet with side control panel

RAB-103Automatic Toilet Bidet with side control panel

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Posterior & Feminine
Move & Massage
Purifying Filter
Seat Sensor
Heated Seat
Temperature Control
Intelligent 'Learning' Power Saver

Technical Parameters:

Product Name RAB-103
Product Dimension R: 40.6x49.6x14.5cm
E: 40.6x52.8x14.5cm
Net Weight 5.5kg
Power Rating AC 230V, 50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 1,670W
Length of Power Cord 1.8M
Water Temperature Room temp.~38℃ (32℉~100℉)
Heated Seat Temperature Room temp.~42℃ (32℉~107.6℉)
Air Dryer Temperature Room temp.~50℃ (32℉~122℉)

Automatic bidet RAB-103 Dimension

1x Bidet Seat
2x Flexible hoses
1x Deodorizer
1x Angle Valve
1x Ion Filter
Fittings and Screws

bubble wash
space bar
Bubble Wash
Aerated bubble wash for thorough cleansing and comfort feel
space bar auto bidet adjustable nozzle position
space bar
Adjustable Nozzle Position
The nozzle has adjustable position to cater to any user's desired setting/positin
kid setting auto bidet
space bar
Child Settings
Adjustable nozzle position and water pressure for children
  automatic bidet self dianotics system
space bar
Self-Diagnostic System
Self diagnosis function contiuously monitors overall system operation
automatic dry bidet
space bar
After using the bidet, there is an optional setting to dry washed area
  automatic bidet massage function
space bar
Nozzle moves back and forth to give a massage-effect feeling
easy to install and detachable design
space bar
Detachable Main Body
The system/unit is easy to install, and easily detachable if cleaning is required
  intelligent energy saver bidet
space bar
Intelligent Energy Saver
Smart energy-saving function that learns through weekly usage patterns to save energy
pulsating water action auto bidet
space bar
Pulsating water action that wash repeatedly in cycles - from weak to strong
  self cleansing automatic bidet
space bar
Automatic self-clean system that maintains and cleans that nozzle before and after every usage/operation

automatic seat sensor toilet seat bidet system

Seat Sensor
Detects user when seated to activate the system controls/functions
  remote control functionet
space bar
Remote Control
All operating functions are controlled from a wireless remote control

power wash auto bidet
instant compact design auto bidet instant heating auto bidet
Power Wash
Soft but powerful jetwash for added cleansing benefit & comfort
Compact Design
Fits most 1 or 2 piece toilets. Sleek-low profile contoured design
Instant Heating
(Hydraulic Type)
Enjoy efficient and continuous warm water with energy saving

Automatic bidet RAB-103

Automatic bidet RAB-103

Automatic bidet RAB-103

Automatic bidet RAB-103

Automatic bidet RAB-103