Tap Sensor Programming and Customization

At Autotaps, we recognise that sensor taps are installed in different environment and catered for a specific type of usage or applications. So it’s paramount for End-users/Engineers to be able to customize and change some sensor settings to suit their needs.

Autotaps IRC/FRC-613, 6-keys remote control (sold separately) allows end-users/engineers to adjust/customize various settings or parameters of a sensor from its default factory settings. This adds added convenience and usability to give better customer experience.

Special Sensor Programming or Bespoke Design:
We are capable of designing new sensors from scratch to suit your products/project needs. Our sensor PCB board and microchips can be inserted inside many sensor outershell casings.

Sensor Types & Programming Parameters

  • Auto Flush system every 12hr or 24hrs
  • Water 'flow-time' Programming
  • Sensor Cable Customization and Extension
  • Hygienic Flush
  • Sensor Stand-by/Disabling Function
  • Advance infrared Sensor Technology
  • Touch-activated Sensor Technology
  • Microwave Sensor Technology
  • Water Flow Activation
  • Sensor Distance Settings