Hydro-Turbine 'Self-powered' Generator Control Box

hydro power generator




Autotaps HTS is a self-powered sensor tap that helps in saving the water usage, conserve energy and reduce the costs without sacrificing performance and reliability. No need to replace the battery and it requires less maintenance. The total cost of using this Autotaps MTS Series tap is that it eliminates the process of replacing the battery, hence convenience to the user.

Autotaps HTS sensor tap features a non-contacted design. The sensor technology switches or sends signals to the solenoid latching valve. When the hands are close to the sensor proximity, a signal is sent to the valve, and the latching valve opens up. Then, the water flow goes through the generator and the turbine rotates to generate electricity for self reliance. The solenoid valve stays open until the user removes his/her hands.

When there no object in the proximity or sensor range, the valve will close the valve and the electricity or energy stored in the micro-turbine system becomes the main power resource for self-reliance.

Features of Autotaps self-powered sensor tap:
100% eco friendly, and less pollution to the environment
The solenoid valve prevents debris in the water from clogging the tap, and therefore increases the durability of the products Uses mini micro turbine or self-powered hydro-generator as main power source, hence, eliminating the need for batteries or AC powerIt requires no regular diaphragm replacement. It adopts a self-generating power technology system State of the art infrared sensor technology and touch-free design

Self-powered micro-turbine system
Easy installation and implementation
Single solenoid valve
Solid-built design
Solenoid valve with high 'hot water' tolerance
Ultrasonic-sealed power box (Capacitor and rechargeable-battery housing)
Wall-mountable optional bracket
IP54 Protection
Splash-proof inner-ridge rubber seals
Durable and light outer-shell material construction
Compatible with SR6 Sensor Remote Control (sold separately)
Versatile Design - Future Ready

Technical Details:

Sensor cable length: 120cm approx.
Sensing distance: 10-27cm (Adjustable via remote control *sold separately)
Respond time: 1 Second
Diameter of 'inlet' pipes: G1/2”
Diameter of 'outlet' pipes: G1/2"
Water pressure range: 3bar (Min) - 8 Bar (Max)
Voltage: 6V Output
Power consumption: =0.3MW
Silent Consumption: 0.003W
Environment Temperature: 1-45 C
Pipe Threading: British Standard Whitworth (BSW)

Your choice of manual tap can be any tap with hot and cold supplies.
This sensor kit can only be powered by its built-in micro-turbine power generator

Special Note:
This sensor kit is designed for taps only and it's not waterproof. Warranty void if used for any other installation purposes/applications other than for taps.
The built-in hydro-turbine system is designed for 'high traffic' environment. Basically, the system must be used regularly to keep the capacitor/batteries charged at all times.