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You get the following:

1x Sensor tap
1x Flexible hose (2x flexible hoses supplied with AMA series, ATT Series and none with ATW-8304)
1x Transformer (Built-in inside the control box. If not, it will be supplied separately)
1x Control box (None supplied with AMA/ATT Series, and ATO-0045)
1x AC Cable (3-pin ac plug is only supplied with new control box design: ACB-0112)
1x Control box back-clip (New design: ACB-0112)
Fitting and Screws
1x Manual

We now offer 36-month Manufacturer’s Warranty. If anything happens to the taps which deemed to be manufacturer’s defects, then Autotaps will try to repair or offer replacement if necessary. Full Warranty’s disclaimer can be found here

Full diagram and explanation of how automatic taps works can be found here

2Checkout.com, Inc. is the exclusive authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Autotaps.

For many reasons, and some of these reasons can be found here

We now offer 36-month Manufacturer’s Warranty. If anything happens to the taps which deemed to be manufacturer’s defects, then Autotaps will try to repair or offer replacement if necessary. Full Warranty’s disclaimer can be found here

The only reason why a manual tap is better than a sensor tap is that you don’t need any type of power to get it to work (everything is done manually). Autotaps can be powered by Mains or by batteries or both (battery powered sensor taps will last up to 2 years). Autotaps also supply self-powered sensor taps with built in micro turbine system. With this turbine technology, you have the opportunity to enjoy sensor activation technology, and never worry about changing batteries or relying on Mains to get your tap to function.

Autotaps’ is our brand name and we manufacture different types of sensor taps, and we also supply other brands as well such as Starleon Basins, Ackstone Marbles, ROS Sensor taps etc.

No, but you can still visit us at our warehouse/office if you want to view products or discuss anything in person. Please call us first to book an appointment before you visit.

If you’re buying just one unit, purchase the tap as normal, and you can return it back within 7 working days if you’re not happy with it. A full refund (excluding any delivery charge paid) will be issued, provided that you returned the product back to us in its original packaging, and free of defects.

We have installed and sold our Autotaps (and other brands) to many clients, but some of them are listed here

Not yet. Autotaps brand and other brands we supply can only be bought directly from us. If you want to become a sole distributorship of our products in your area or region, please let us know by filling our Sole Distributorship Form here.

Fill in our Trade Form here, and we’All review your company, and an account will be setup once all necessary Terms are met. Please note that new clients are dealt with on pro-forma invoice based strategy. The account will be upgraded to invoice status after reviewing your buying patterns.

Deliveries to UK addresses is £12.50, depending on quantities.

Yes you do. Facts and graphical explanation can be found here.

In the long run, do I really save money?
Yes you do. Check the facts here.

Sensor electronic taps uses less water compared to manual taps. By using less water, you save more money on your water bills, conserve water, prevents cross-termination and your carbon footprint will be lower.

For several reasons, some of them can be found here

Yes. You can view them here

The best way of getting in touch is by telephone. If we are too busy, emailing is another way of getting in touch with us. Please allow up to 24 hours to get back to you if you require detailed information, otherwise, we reply to emails same day. You can also visit our office, but please call us to book an appointment before you visit. Visit our contact us page

Depending on quantities and delivery address i.e. international orders.
Our typical delivery lead-time are as follows:

1-2 days is £12.50 (UK Mainland)
3-5 days is £free (UK Mainland)
3-5 days is £25.00 (European Union Countries)
3-7 days is £Varies (Rest of the World)

General Questions

It’s quite easy. Installing a sensor tap is roughly the same as installing a manual tap. The only difference is, sensor taps usually comes with a control box which needs to be secured underneath the sink. Other connections and installation procedures are very easy to setup. Typical installation procedures can be found here

When you buy a sensor tap (especially with a single supply), there’s a big chance you’ll need a thermostatic valve to go along with your purchase. Most of our sensor taps comes with a single supply. If you want the sensor tap to regulate hot and cold water, then a thermostatic valve will be needed.

A control box is a square box which sits underneath the sink. Most of our sensor tap ranges come with a control box, except our ATT Series range. The control box is like a hub which enables water to flow IN (from main supply) and OUT (to sensor tap). When you open a control box, you will find a solenoid valve, power connections (Mains and battery) and infrared signal wire connection.

Click here for more details and explanation.

Yes, we offer discounts on orders of 5 units per model or more. In this case, give us a call, we will offer you discount and direct you to a secure webpage where you’ll be able to pay at discounted price or you can pay by cheque.

Yes, we do.
We offer different customization services such as, Gold plating, brass finish, shape and length customization, Swarovski-covered taps, sensor time customization, and general customization services. Please note that bespoke services carry extra charges. Please send us an email or call us for a quote.

Yes, we can. Call or email us with your special request, and we’ll do the rest.

Yes, they are. A typical sensor tap weighs roughly 1.5-2kg. They are well constructed with solid cast brass, and anti-vandal resistant design in mind.

We don’t, we are only concentrating on electronically activated taps. But our Starleon Basins comes with manual waterfall taps. We also offer marble taps (Ackstone Brand).

Yes we do. Our ATT Series will do just that. ATT Series have manual thermostatic temperature control built-in. User can manually change the temperature as desired.

PLEASE NOTE: Check individual sensor tap's technical details for further information.

Do you have wall mounted sensor taps? Yes we do.
Please check our ATW Series.

Yes we do. We have ROS Gold, sensor tap gold-plated in 24 carat gold. We can also cover any of our sensor taps in crystals or Swarovski. We also supply genuine marble taps in different colours and sizes.

When it comes to maintenance, the only thing you need to keep in mind is the control box. If anything, the control will only need to be replaced and that’s it.

Yes we do. Please email or call us with your requirements.

Yes we do. Please email or call us with your requirements.

Yes we do. Please email or call us with your requirements.

Technical Questions

It’s very easy to install a thermostatic valve. A typical installation procedure can be found here.

Detailed information can be found here

Ideally, we encourage our Clients/customers to get a plumber to install a sensor tap. If you’ve installed a normal tap before, then a sensor tap won’t pose any problem. But you need to be aware that the control box (if supplied) needs to be securely fixed or mounted underneath the sink, water pressure needs to be high enough, and you must know how to securely remove your existing tap without flooding or leakage.

Most of our sensor taps can be powered by Mains or battery or both. But our ATT Series, ATW-1204, ATS-1203 and ATW-8506 can ONLY be powered by batteries. Battery-powered sensor taps will last for 2 years.

This means that the sensor tap can either be powered by battery or Mains or both (this means that if there's a power cut, it will automatically switch to battery or vise-versa). Sensor taps powered by Mains/batteries will come with a transformer (for the Mains) and a battery compartment (found inside the control box).

Yes you can. Tell us what you want and we'll take it from there.

Quite often, we are always on constant search for latest technology that we can use in our products.

Our sensor taps very reliable (both in design and in its functions). We use nothing but the latest state-of-the-art technology, and highest quality materials. We’ve backed this up with a 24-Month Manufacturers Warranty.

Yes, if or when the sensor is triggered, it will stay ON for approximately 70 seconds, and it will automatically shuts OFF after this preset time-frame to avoid flooding.

Our sensor taps are very reliable, but if anything, it will be the solenoid valve or the control box (very rarely the sensor technology itself). If the control box plays up, it can easily be replaced with a new one. Any parts of our sensor tap can be replaced with spares/accessories.

Using alkaline batteries of the same brand, it will last up to 2 years (2,000 cycles a month)

Simply open the control box, locate the battery compartment, and put 4x new alkaline batteries (of the same brand) and that's it. To avoid any this scenario, we recommend that you have the batteries installed at all times. So in case of a power cut, it will automatically switch to battery-power.

You need at least 0.75 bar, or 1 bar for best performance.

The pressure (0.75-1 bar) needed is required for optimum performance. If the water pressure is too low, it may not be high enough to blend water (hot and cold) properly. For example, if the pressure of your COLD supply is high, but the HOT supply is low, so when the sensor tap operates, 70-90% of the water coming out of the sensor tap will be COLD.

Please make sure your water pressure (on both the COLD and HOT supply) is high enough before buying a sensor tap. If the pressure of either of your COLD or HOT supply (or both) is too low, there are several ways of increasing the pressure i.e. buying a pressure pump. Ask a plumber for this service.

Yes we do. Autotaps have ‘self-powered’ sensor taps with built-in micro turbine system. With this turbine technology, you have the opportunity to enjoy a sensor activation technology, and never worry about changing batteries or relying on Mains to get your tap to function.

Most of our sensor taps have 45-55mm base diameter. If you’re cutting a hole on your worktop or granite, make sure it’s around 35mm.

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve is a device that mix or blends hot and cold water to ensure constant, safe outlet temperatures preventing scalding.

When you buy any automatic tap with 'single' supply, there’s a chance you will need a thermostatic control valve to regulate hot and cold water supply.

Autotaps thermostats have manual adjuster or 'knob' which by adjusting it (turning it left or right) will limit the flow of either the hot or cold supply. This is particularly useful in guarding against the possibility of scalding injuries or User's personal preferences.