ATX-8204 Swan-neck Sensor Electronic Sensor tap

ATX-8204Tall swan-neck design sensor tap with integrated spout sensor

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Tall and Elegant 'Goose' neck design sensor tap
Height: 420mm
Goose-neck design sensor tap
Integrated 'hidden' spout sensor eye 
Intelligent 'auto-adjust' sensor distance 
Fixed or Swivel neck (180 degree)
Hygienic and upto 70% water conservation
Powe Options: AC+DC Powered: Mains/4XAA Alkaline batteries (Up-to 2yr lifespan)
Hands free and reliable infrared activation technology
Integrated manual 'on' and 'off' control
Exquisite and stylish designs
Solid brass construction
Flexible supply hoses 

Control box: Diameter of 'inlet' pipe: G1/2”
Control box: Diameter of 'outlet' pipe: G1/2”
Water pressure range: 0.75 (Min) - 7 Bar (Max)
Voltage: DC6V or AC220V-240V (6V Output)
Power consumption: =0.3mW
Sensing distance: 6-24cm
Respond time: 1 Second
Battery Consumption (DC): 4xAA alkaline batteries (up-to 2yr lifespan depending on level of usage)
Silent Consumption: 0.003mW
Environment Temperature: 1-45 C
Flow Rate: 6L/Per minute
Pipe Threading: British Standard Whitworth (BSW) 
Noise Class: 1
Finish: Chrome-plated
Voltage: DC6V or AC220V-240V (6V Output)

ATX-8204 Sensor tap Dimension

1x Sensor Tap
1x Control Box ***with 3-Pin plug (*battery compartment inside)
1x Flexible G1/2" *600mm Connection Hose
1x Transformer (*inside the control box)
Fittings and Screws

Nothing to display.



ATV-9004C Control box ATV-9004C
This thermostat can be connected directly to the control box using its 1/2" female outlet connector. This method is usually the quickest way to setup installation.



ATV-9004B Control box connection ATV-9004C
This thermostat has a 'wall-mounting' bracket that can be mounted on the wall and linked to the control box 'inlet' via a connecting pipe or a flexible hose (not supplied).

You can run up-to three (3) sensor taps (maximum) with one thermostat. Water pressure of both hot and cold supplies must be at least 3 bar.


OPTION 3: ABV-0012

ABV-0112 and Control box connection ABV-0012
This is a manual blending valve, adjustable by hand only. There's no thermostatic mixing element inside. Any desired temperature can only be achieved 'manually' by turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise by hand.


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