Touch Sensor 'AKT-0074' Kitchen Tap

Kitchen sensor automatic tap with ON/OFF Touch Activation for Domestic Applications.

Kitchen tap

Automatic Kitchen Sensor tap

Autotaps AKT-0074 Kitchen Sensor Tap

Introducing Autotaps™ AKT-0074 Kitchen sensor tap, with its new ON/OFF Touch Activation and manually-operated lever, specially designed for domestic applications. This new designs features super capacitive touch control, which gives the user easy control of water usage.

This tap can be electronically activated using state-of-the-art capacitive 'touch' activation, and can also be operated manually.

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Capacitive Touch Activation

This tap is equipped with touch activation technology, and can also be manually-operated via its side lever. This is an ideal designed for domestic applications. Upgrading to an automatic sensor tap from a manual tap has enormous benefits and advantages over conventional taps.

Manual Control Lever

The tap can be operated manually by using the side lever. This controls water ON/OFF and the temperature. This gives a manual override function when the 'touch' function is not sufficient.

Sensor Technology

This tap is electronically activated using state-of-the-art 'touch' activation technology. With its unique design, it will not look out-of-place, and able to blend into any domestic design styles and trends.

Flow Types

There are two options of water flow: Spray and Aerated. With a push button, the flow type can be changed as desired.

Kitchen Tap: AKT-0074 Features

We have wide range of sensor automatic products suited for both commercial and domestic projects.

Capacitive Kitchen Sensor tap

Swan-neck design sensor kitchen tap with manual 'override' ON/FF side lever.View more

Capacitive Touch Sensitive

Tap can be activated by simply touching the frame of the tap, and needs to be touched again to switch off

Kitchen tap

Kitchen Tap AKT-0074 Features

Why Install Automatic Kitchen Tap?

The tap incorporates a heavy-duty solid brass outer-shell construction. This sensor tap is domestic-graded with its solid-cast brass components, swivel-neck design, stainless-steel finish and flexible water supply hoses.
Autotaps™ AKT-0074 Kitchen sensor tap features ON/OFF Super Capacitive Touch control function, which gives the user easy control of water without the mess. Any part of the body can be used such as the elbow, or back of the hand.
Autotaps™ AKT-0074 is manufactured with seamless usability in mind. The nozzle/spout can be pulled out of the tap's frame and allows the spout to extend to hard-to-reach places around the sink area. It also features two flow types: Aerated and Spray that caters to different usage.
This tap can be operated electronically as well as manually, via its side lever. This gives ease of control where/when automatic control function is not needed or necessary.

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