Sensor Automatic Taps for Commercial and Public Applications

Autotaps is proud to introduce a brand new affordable, reliable and hygienic infrared electronic tap design for hospital applications. Autotaps is encouraging NHS, healthcare centres and other health construction industry to going green and water conservation.

Sustainability principles are lowering energy costs, creating environments less prone to the spread of infection, and reducing the carbon footprint of health facilities.

Hospitals are discovering that sustainable design practices not only reduce energy costs, but lower infection rates, according to the study. Technologies - such as motion sensors for lights, taps, and doorways - reduce the transmission of infections as well as lowering the millions of pounds spent annually on energy.

The high cost of energy and operations, coupled with increasing environmental consciousness, has elevated the importance of green design for healthcare facilities. Green technology investment has become cost-effective and pays for itself within a few years.

Installing Autotaps will reduce hospital infection rates and manage the prevalence of multi-drug resistant organisms is another critical trend in healthcare facility design. Wireless communications, RFID tracking, anti-microbial surfaces, negative pressure isolation rooms, single patient rooms, and emergency department entrance alternatives are used to reduce infections, which claim many lives every year.

10 Reasons Why automatic tap is beeter for public washrooms

  • Wastes less water : Water conservation of up to 70%.
  • Easy to use, easier to install.
  • Affordable (Entry-level sensor taps costs no more than 30% of normal taps).
  • Hygienic Solution.
  • Save money on water bills and energy consumption.
  • Advance infrared sensor technology.
  • Solid-brass outer shell construction.
  • 3-Years Guarantee.
  • Versatile and solid-built designs.
  • Unlimited Technical Support.