Rosensa 'Bluwash' Automatic 'Super Fast' Hand Dryer

AHD-2000Automatic 'Super Fast' Hand Dryer

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Rated Power Consumption: 1,300W
Life span: 1,000,000 times
Noise: Under 65dB
Case: Fire-proof ABS resin
Sensor: 3 infrared-rays sensors
Filters: Triple noise absorption filters
Speed adjustable: 7 seconds (6 phases)
Operation display LED lamp
UV lamp
Anti-splash Design

Low running cost (£0.0003 per time)
Quick drying (±7 seconds)
Steamline design
Paper-free washroom
Safe money on washroom running cost

Product Name AHD2000
Product Description Ultra high-speed JetAir Hand Dryer
Voltage AC110V 60Hz, 230V 50Hz
Rated Power Consumption 1,300(W)
Product dimension BWD2000: 300(W) x 669(H) x 234(D)mm
Drain water tank capacity 1,100ml
Wind velocity 160(m/sec)
Drying time 7 seconds (Adjustable in 6 phases)
Safety device Thermal fuse, Bimetal S/W, Overcurrent Fuse
Weight AHD2000: 10kg

/hand dryer Dimension

1x Hand dryer (with 3-pin UK plug)
Fittings and Screws


low noise hand dryer
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Low-noise Motor
1,200W 6-phased high speed low-noise motor that offers more quiet washroom usage.
blue LED light
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Blue LED Light
Soft and warm blue LED lights illumination that matches any washroom design.
tripple HEPA filter
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Triple-layer HEPA filter/odour removal
Using HEPA filter, which filters and allow the flow of fresh air and prevents odour in the bathroom
anti splash hand dryer design
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Anti-splash Design
Anti-splash design in a diagonal direction, which
directs jet of of wind to face downwards, which prevents water splashing
operation light display
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Light · Operation Display Lamp
The display panel shows the preset operating and working status
self diagnostic technology
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Self-diagnostic Technology
It features self-diagnostic checks on receiver and inform the user
anti bacteria resin
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Antibacterial Resin
Sanitary antibacterial resin that prevents germs and bacteria build-up
Tripple safety design
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Triple-safety Design
It has a very safe design in case of temperature fuse, overcurrent fuse protection, Bimetal
filter exchange indicatior
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Filter exchange Indicator
Filter exchange indicator to let you know when to replace filter.

hand dryer design functions

How to use hand dryer